My Imaginary Friend


It’s the 21st century. I’m an educated man, living in the modern world of scientific and technological marvels. It’s truly the greatest time to be alive.

But I’m also still a Christian despite this.

What gives? Aren’t I too smart for this?

I’m not here to convert anyone, or even get into the theological weeds. This is just an attempt to answer a lot of questions I’ve gotten throughout my life from atheist friends who just can’t understand why I stick with my faith.

Instead of quoting chapter and verse, I’m going to present some logical arguments.

Logic? And religion? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Hasnt religion outlived its usefulness anyway? It’s ultimately nothing more, the argument goes, than a fanciful delusion, an evolutionary survival mechanism designed to make us all feel safe and keep us in line. After all, belief in some mythical sky fairy keeping tabs on us…

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The Politics of Shaming

The Big Girl's Guide

I was undecided until probably 2 days before I voted in the Primary. Cruz, Rubio…Rubio, Cruz…back and forth till I selected Cruz. I was happy with my choice. I love hearing and reading about why my friends support who they support. I disagree with some, agree with others but I generally am happy to be an American who can cast a ballot for my choice in a free election, as can all of us. Here is what I am not happy about: the shaming, the emotional blackmail, the smears, the threats. This is not just Republican vs. Democrat, it’s Republican vs Republican vs Democrat vs Democrat Socialist. We are eating our own and the other side as well.

I am not joining any #NeverAnyone cause because it’s my own fucking business who I choose to support and why. It is my right as a citizen of this country to vote…

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Rebranding nerdom as “rage”

Toy Soldiers

Noah Brand resurfaced on the Good Men Project to remind everyone that gamers are losers who were born losers, will die losers, and not even other losers will mourn them.

And that is just the first part of the series.

The amount of condescension and projection in the article is stunning. I agree that the “notion that one is either the bully or the bullied, and it’s impossible to be both, lies deep in a lot of thinking, and it’s a trap. Indeed, it’s one of the primary intellectual sins of social justice movements, when we imply one is either the oppressor or the oppressed, but never both.” The article is an excellent example of that.

It is also precisely what it looks like to bully someone. Brand’s article is yet another body in the three-month-long feminist pile-on on gamers. Feminists took to the gamer hate with a glee and…

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No Space for Sewing Circles

If I weren’t already married I’d propose to her. 🙂

According To Hoyt

A shirt with women involved in epic space fights is no reason to shame a man who landed on a comet. To think it is, is a form of insanity.

I’ve been meaning about the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, but life has been fraught since we came back, so it waited till today. And now it’s going to get somewhat highjacked (sorry) by … idiocy surrounding the shirt of a man who landed on a comet. Which means the real post about the workshop will come later, again.

First of all I want to thank my friend and Baen books colleague Les Johnson who is a real scientist and who invited me to this, for reasons I don’t fully grasp but I’m very grateful for. I suspect it was a conjunction of “has an interest” and “can take time and pinch pennies to come.”

Dan went too, because I couldn’t…

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