My Imaginary Friend


It’s the 21st century. I’m an educated man, living in the modern world of scientific and technological marvels. It’s truly the greatest time to be alive.

But I’m also still a Christian despite this.

What gives? Aren’t I too smart for this?

I’m not here to convert anyone, or even get into the theological weeds. This is just an attempt to answer a lot of questions I’ve gotten throughout my life from atheist friends who just can’t understand why I stick with my faith.

Instead of quoting chapter and verse, I’m going to present some logical arguments.

Logic? And religion? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Hasnt religion outlived its usefulness anyway? It’s ultimately nothing more, the argument goes, than a fanciful delusion, an evolutionary survival mechanism designed to make us all feel safe and keep us in line. After all, belief in some mythical sky fairy keeping tabs on us…

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